16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign

Decorative image of an IDP camp in Somalia

An annual 16-day blogathon featuring writers and activists reporting on #GenderBasedViolence worldwide as part of the global #16DaysOfActivism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign.

Hosted by GENDER.ED at the University of Edinburgh, the Gendered Violence Research Network at the University of New South Wales and the Centre for Publishing at Dr B R Ambedkar University Delhi.


The DiSoCo project contributed two blogs for this campaign:


DAY FIVE: No justice without healing; no healing without justice: Pathways to care for sexual and gender-based violence in Somalia and DRC 

The authors from the DiSoCo Project draw attention to the different pathways of care that sexual violence victim-survivors take to address their needs. Focus groups were conducted across four sites in DRC and Somalia.


DAY FIVE: “It’s not just the war that displaces these people”: care and containment for displaced survivors of sexual and gender-based violence 

This piece is based on the DiSoCo project, which looks at improving healthcare for internally displaced people in Somalia and DRC,and Somali and Congolese refugees in Kenya and South Africa. The authors reflect on their interviewees’ stories on sexual and gender-based violence and the repercussions on those who report these stories.


Photo credit: SIDRA